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Accert! Chemistry and Biotechnology

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The chemical and biotechnology ACCERT LTD is a spin-off that was created based on 15 years of scientific research and technology in the areas Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Natural Products and Process Chemicals and biotechnology.

ACCERT staff is formed of highly qualified doctors for the development of fine chemicals, naturally occurring, to meet the demand for analytical services, assisting in mass spectrometry and biotechnological processes.

In Accert, products originated from the applied technology are used for fine chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, research institutes and laboratories. Our technology allows to obtain products with higher quality than found in the worldwide market. They are environmentally friendly, lead to products with superior quality, with greater purity (less interfering and impurities) and with a suitable price to desired products is maximized. Taking therefore a more effective process and the amount of waste generated is minimal. Contact the accert and find out how we can help you!

We enable the achievement of the following products:
Chemical production reference (SQR) and high purity analytical standards;
- Development of chemical and biotechnological processes aimed at obtaining pharmaceutical ingredients and agriculture;
- Driving experiments intended to obtain molecules with the purpose of synthetic or natural origin;
- Advisory adequacy laboratory layout, respecting GLP standards.

Where is the business located?: 
Rua Alfredo Lopes 1717 sala 7E
13560-460 São Carlos , São Paulo
São Paulo BR
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+55 16 3415- 0455
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