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Alfa Omega: Bicycle Delivery

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Alfa Omega is Greece’s first and the only bicycle delivery company, providing reliable delivery of food packages, coffee and other products through an innovative distribution framework across Athens.

The idea for Alfa Omega was motivated by the founders wish to protect the environment and realized through their passion for cycling.

As is well known, moving people and goods with powered transport often pollutes the environment and poses extra costs for society. Over the last 3 years many companies have instead looked to cooperate with Alfa Omega in order to deliver their products in an eco-friendly way. By using bikes, Alfa Omega can deliver companies’ goods without consuming fuel and moreover by avoiding noise and air pollution.

Today, Alfa Omega has created many successful collaborations across Athens, based on their professionalism, reliability and excellent service regardless of the weather conditions. Their large team of 20 cyclists is available 24/7 and composed of experienced professionals with a passion for their work. By using the most eco-friendly transportation, Alfa Omega helps other companies be more sustainable while ensuring an excellent quality of service.

Alfa Omega’s motto is “We protect the environment, by delivering goods with no emissions.” Consequently their contribution to the decarbonisation of Athens is essential due to the high CO2 emissions and air pollution from increasing demand for conventional transport in the Greek capital. Alfa Omega’s bicycle service also offers an opportunity for reducing traffic congestion in increasingly busy central Athens.

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