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New cooperation between the German PIUS-Web-Portal and the European GreenEcoNet –
exchanging best practice examples for resource efficiency in companies

Duisburg, Berlin 14/09/2015

In early September, the European Commission funded GreenEcoNet ( and the German PIUS-Web-Portal ( concluded an agreement for cooperation. Under this agreement, both platforms will exchange best practice examples from companies in order to raise public and corporate awareness of successful approaches for improving material and energy efficiency in German and European companies.

„We are very happy to cooperate with GreenEcoNet as a renowned European partner, commited – like us – to reducing material and energy use in the manufacturing sector“, said Mr Henning H. Sittel, head of office of the PIUS-Web-Portal in Duisburg, Germany. „Exchanging best practice examples enables us, on the one hand, to get increased attention for successful approaches and solutions originating in Germany. On the other hand, we will benefit from examples and experience from other European countries.“

The best practice examples will be available in English and German for free through both platforms.

PIUS-Web-Portal is one of the most successful web-portals addressing cleaner production and resource efficiency for SMEs and handcraft in Germany. It is jointly administrated by Effizienz-Agentur NRW, Sonderabfall-Management-Gesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz mbH (SAM), Technologielinie Hessen-Umwelttechnologie, Umwelttechnik Baden-Württemberg and VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency.

The Centrepiece of PIUS-Web-Portals constitutes an information pool, containing relevant knowledge and information for companies, offering more than 1,000 documents across more than 20 topic areas. Around one third of these are best practice examples from industry and business. Convenient search options facilitate easy and targeted use of the information offer, which is continuously expanded. The offers present efficient technologies as well as support options targeted at SMEs, such software facilitating documentation and visualisation of processes.

GreenEcoNet is a Europe-wide online platform serving the exchange of experience and knowledge among SMEs and with research institutions, in order to foster the transition to a Green Economy. The platform is jointly run by leading European research institutions and networks – e.g. Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Joint Implementation Network (JIN), Ecologic Institut and Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

GreenEcoNet is funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research FP7.

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