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Bio-bean is the green energy company of the future. The idea was conceived by Arthur Kay, putting together two ideas; making biodiesel from coffee grounds; making biomass pellets from coffee grounds. It is unique in that it is the culmination of three concepts: 1. Waste collection. 2. Biomass pellet production. 3. Biodiesel production.

We are answering a pressing need for cheap, green energy - namely biodiesel and biomass pellets – providing a tangible economic and environmental benefits. A 21st century lifestyle has created an issue of waste disposal, and, through collecting and recycling used coffee grounds, bio-bean diverts millions of tonnes from landfill, saving companies £5m per annum and the environment 100,000 of tonnes in methane degradation. The process is simple: bio-bean collects used coffee grounds from in and around London. Every day 132,000 kgs. of used coffee grounds, from coffee shops in London, are deposited in landfills. Bio-bean plans on operating within the concept of a ‘cradle to cradle’ business model.

Where is the business located?: 
International House 1 St Katharine’s Way
1 St Katharine’s Way
E1W 1UN London
United Kingdom