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CO2logic provides services to calculate, reduce and offset your climate impact, and communicate about those real efforts.

In 2004, we asked ourselves what we could do to help organisations to reduce their impact on the climate - relatively few services existed at the time. This led to the creation of CO2logic in 2006. We wanted to help various businesses and organisations reduce their impact on our climate while reducing energy costs and gaining competitiveness. Our role is to calculate a client's carbon emissions so that we can suggest ways to reduce and offset the emitted CO2 and help them communicate these improvements to clients and stakeholders. This auditing allows for significant reductions in CO2 emissions and improvements in environmental sustainability.

We found that the best support for our solutions came from clients understanding that business cost-reduction and environmental sustainability could go hand in hand. It was also important to get organisations' staff on board and motivated by the idea of working for a more socially responsible enterprise, and to see that this could have PR and image benefits.

The main challenge we encountered was developing the this understanding of the benefits of 'going green'. People were often sceptical of the philosophy behind improving their organisation's environmental sustainability or even sceptical of the existence of climate change. It was from this that we learnt to focus on finding clients who had a long term vision for their organisation and who would understand the importance of our services for bringing long term benefits to their business, and the environment. Making sure the right person was there to propose our solutions was also key in this regard.

CO2logic has been trying to lead by example in all its business by taking all business journeys by public transport and foldable bikes. In this way, CO2logic does not increase the carbon footprint of its clients while travelling to advise them. Travels to Africa, where climate projects are developed, are limited to a maximum of 3 per year. We make the most of these trips by grouping visits to countries in the same region.

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Our people are experienced carbon footprint, LCA & offsetting experts so no in-house expertise is required.