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CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE is a decision-making tool for filmmakers. It was designed by Thema1 to help reduce the carbon footprint of TV commercials by calculating the greenhouse gas emissions associated with each element of a film shoot, from catering to flights. The tool is meant to be used before production, meaning that producers have the opportunity to adjust their plans and find alternatives based on their carbon film quote.


The creators of the tool ultimately aim to help reduce man-made greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change.

The use of this tool can not only decrease the emissions associated with the production of one specific TV commercial, but over time influence the practices of all the specialists involved in the production of that commercial.

This tool enables producers to be transparent about the climate impact of their commercials. As they can identify “CO2 hotspots” while preparing their production bid, they have the flexibility to adjust their plans accordingly and find more climate-friendly alternatives for some elements of their film shoot. This also gives them the opportunity to become environmental frontrunners in the industry and be recognized as such.

Process of tool application

Filmmakers need to enter the Euro values of their production bid in the CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE software. The Euro values will automatically be translated into kilograms of CO2 values following standard calculations established by the German Association of Communication Agencies and the German Producers Alliance.


The output of the tool is a carbon film quote which includes a financial summary, production briefing specifications, a financial breakdown, a CO2 emission summary and a CO2 emission breakdown.

Website and iPhone App

Additional information (including examples of film quotes and more details on the calculations) is available on the CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE website.

A simplified version of CUT!CO2 THE CARBON FILM QUOTE is available as an iPhone App. Download the App to test the tool.

The pilot project was authored by Thema1, a think-do tank based in Berlin. BBDO Germany published and manages the tool.