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Donia: the free app for a mooring at low environmental impact

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A French company specializing in ocean technologies has developed a free application to determine where to place the anchor of a boat in order to prevent damage to the seabed.


Andromeda Oceanology, innovative company based in the South of the France, has developed an application to reduce the impact of shipping on the seabed. The application, named Donia, can be downloaded for free and is working on a tablet that on a smartphone. Donia allows boaters and yacht captains to 'see' the seabed in order to choose the right place to ask the anchor.

The utility of this application stems that anchors from boats cause much damage when they arise on Posidonia, plants to aquatic flowers. Posidonia are considered to be a 'key' species in the sea Mediterranean and their decline threatens the biodiversity of the region, but the balance of the entire coastal ecosystem.

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Donia allows the user to distinguish four types of seabed: 'sand', 'Herbarium Posidonia', 'Posidonia matte' and 'Rock '. In addition to contributing to the protection of the environment, this increases the safety of the Boater or captain's yacht, because put the anchor on a herbarium of Posidonia often leads to a skid. The user can download different cards, depending on the region of navigation.

The user can also benefit from three alarms (skid, collision and tangles of strings) for a fee of 10 €. These three alarms make the anchoring process even safer. In addition, cards morpho-bathymetric high resolution can be purchased (15 € per 4km 2). These maps are 400 times more accurate than the official maps and are particularly interesting for divers.

Donia has already received several honours in France. application won the Prix Entreprises & environment 2013 of the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy in the category "biodiversity and companies" as well as the Fédération des Industries Nautiques price boat blue 2013.

At the level of the European Union, Andromeda Oceanology is among the 17 companies nominated for the European Prize of the environment for the 2014 business.

Download the free app < a href = " & hl=en"> here (Google Play) or here (iTunes).


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