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Efficient compressed air systems help save energy

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Green Air Energy helps its clients cut costs and improve their competitiveness through air leak audits and energy saving compressed air systems.

Green Air Energy assisted BSH Ikiakes Syskeves ABE with improving the energy efficiency of its manufacturing plant and installed compressed air systems aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and improving compressor management. The cost of compressed air is high and so leaks and energy inefficient equipment can dramatically increase energy bills and business costs if not kept to a minimum level.

At BSH there was no audit program covering air leaks and no information on the efficiency of the compressed air system in use. Green Air Energy experts performed am energy audit of the compressed air system at the BSH manufacturing plant and used ultrasonic detectors to look for leaks to be fixed and measured the efficiency of the existing compressed air operating elements. Several potential problems were identified including air leaks, suboptimal compressor operation management, poor sizing of air receivers and dryers and an inadequate IT system. Green Air Energy were able to repair 93 air leaks, suggest better compressor management techniques, install extra air receivers and offer assistance with upgrading the IT systems to allow visual monitoring of the air system.

Repairing the air leaks and improving compressor management cost BSH €10,500 and produced an estimated energy saving of at least 264.000 kWh, or €21,100 a year. Upgrading the air receivers for lower peaks cost €10,000 and delivered an estimated saving of 214.750 kWh, or €17,180 a year. Overall, improvements resulted in 21.78% lower energy consumption for the entire air system and energy savings of 478.750 kWh and a reduction in operation costs of €38,300 a year. Full investment payback was therefore possible in only 6.5 months.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Energy consumption description: 
478,750 kWh/year
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

GAE's services require no in-house expertise and are applicable to a wide range of compressed air systems, small and large.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

No essential regulatory prerequisites. GAE voluntarily adhere to ISO 50001 for Energy Management, ISO 11011 for Compressed Air/Energy Efficiency-Assessment, and ISO 8573 for Clean Compressed Air Quality.