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enerGQ i-CARE

enerGQ i-CARE
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i-CARE is an energy monitoring system that helps households and small businesses to save energy. Through a secured internet connection, the use of gas and electricity can be monitored from everywhere and anytime. The system takes into account relevant weather conditions and other factors that influence energy use.


The i-CARE tool can be used by households and businesses.

Process of tool application

The graphs produced by the i-CARE tool provide a clear estimate of the costs of household device in time. The i-CARE tool is developed by a Dutch SME, based on smart meter technology, but it goes beyond that as it uses the internet to establish a household community and to calculate reference profiles for a household based on average energy use by comparable households. The reference profile describes what energy consumption could be reasonably expected. Then it shows whether the energy consumption is in line with energy saving behaviour. Through the community, moderated by the SME, households receive energy profiles, points of attention and advise for improvement and saving.


i-CARE analyses and shows both energy savings and surplus energy use. The energy use is constantly compared to historic data measured during comparable weather conditions at similar days of the week and times. Also other relevant factors, such as the type of house, are taken into account. The system can give notifications in case of a certain energy use level, and the energy use is compared to other, similar households. i-CARE does not only provide data, but also gives concrete information that enables energy saving.