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The Envirometer is an online calculator that provides a quick and simple overview of the environmental performance and environmental costs of a company or organisation.

Once data on energy, water, waste, emissions and possibly transport and paper consumption have been filled in, the programme displays:
• the total environmental score in a single bar or pie chart
• a cost curve
• a CO2 meter
• scores on a range of efficiency indicators.

In an instant you can see which environmental issues (energy, waste, emissions, paper consumption, etc.) contribute most to your organisation’s total environmental impact and environmental costs. The CO2 meter calculates and displays the CO2 emissions associated with the organisation’s activities. The charts allow to prioritise policies to curb CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts and reduce environmental costs. The Envirometer also facilitates communication on environmental issues within your own organisation as well as with outside environmental agencies.

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Stimular Foundation
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