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Flex Parking

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A green solution allowing bicycles and cars to share the same parking space

The solution was created by HOE360 Consulting in order to develop dynamic use of road space in Denmark, allowing for both cars and bicycles to use the same space at different times of the day. The test phase was completed over 1 year in front of a school and subsequent evaluation showed the solution to be a viable one.

The idea behind the solution is simple; there is not the same demand for car parking at all times throughout the day. Instead then of allocating space (resources) to either a car or bicycle parking, this solution divides a given area into two time zones. From trials, the solution allows bicycle parking from 7am to 5pm which turns into car parking between 5pm and 7am. This transition is indicated clearly with signage, as shown below. These times were determined from observation data of travel behaviours of cyclists and car drivers.

The solution was conceptualised and developed over a one year period, with proof of concept testing being conducted in front of a school. During the concept stage, research was conducted on the times of day that particular parking (i.e. car or bicycle) is more prominent/necessary, before devising times for cycle and car use specifically. During the trial phase itself, parking behaviour was observed with a view to amending times if necessary.



The implementation of this solution makes better use of already available space. By doing this, it reduces the need to create more spaces, risking environmental damage via destroying potential sites to enable a new parking space.



Thank to the participation of HOE Consulting in the State of Green - which is a Danish-based network for green businesses, the solution is ready for roll out across various parking municipalities, after being developed and implemented in a small park in front of a secondary school in Denmark.


Barriers/challenges and Lessons learnt

The replicability of this concept could be challenged by specific characteristics of the area where the solution should be implemented.


Further details

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