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GoodStart is an independent online platform for Dutch entrepreneurs. On the GoodStart platform, entrepreneurs can share their 'Best Practices' of sustainable business. This enables them to learn from each other, get inspired, and collaborate on sustainability that pays off. The three main functions of the platform include 'GoodProjects', 'GoodCompany', and 'GoodMarket'. In addition, the latest developments aimed at improving sustainable business are discussed. GoodStart contributes to the development of Dutch enterprises, and hence the Dutch economy as a whole.

A business's profile can be used as a marketing profile, as it provides a complete overview of how the business takes advantage from its 'green' business. This can be used for sales and tender procedures. In other words: it can help to grow the business!

GoodStart is aimed at all companies and other organisations (government, education, and housing agencies, for example) that are implementing - or plan to implement - sustainable solutions. In Addition, GoodStart can be used by companies and partners that want to collaborate with the 'GoodCompanies', as well as for media, interest groups, business associations, and all others that are interested.

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For questions and suggestions, GoodStart Nederland can be contacted during business hours: Miranda Mars (06 4631 7017) or Linda van Dongen (06 4803 5524). Email: