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Green Office Checklist

Green Office Checklist
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The Green Office Checklist helps to estimate how green your office already is by using the self-evaluation tool for offices. The tool is aimed at SMEs who would like to evaluate how green their office is, and potentially implement measures to improve it.


The Green Office Checklist is a self-evaluation tool, which helps to assess the actual performance of the office, and gives clear directions for improvement. The checklist is available as a free Excel file, and therefore it is easy for all companies - including SMEs - to use it.

Process of tool application

A list of 130 questions indicates your office level of ‘green performance’. Various environmental topics and office activities are addressed, such as energy and building, waste production and sorting, water consumption, office furniture and consumables, organization of conferences and events, IT, paper consumption, air quality, health, safety and social issues, as well as cleaning and catering activities. The only resources needed are time and man-days to fill in the checklist.

The Green Office Checklist is available in a selection of seven European languages: English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Estonian, French, Romanian and Slovene. Download the English version below, or go to the European Green Offices website to download one of the other language versions.


The tool informs how green the office is, and highlights areas of improvement.