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Green Office Handbook

Green Office Handbook
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The Green Office Handbook contains relevant information on environmental topics for offices, such as energy and building, waste production and sorting, water consumption, office furniture and consumables, organization of conferences and events, IT, paper consumption, air quality, health, safety and social issues, as well as cleaning and catering activities.

The handbook is aimed at SMEs who would like to evaluate how green their office is, and potentially implement measures about it.

The Green Office Handbook presents relevant information on legal issues, certification and labelling, ideas and tips for performance improvement, and a list of performance indicators.

Process of tool application
In order to become an European Green Office (EGO), certain principles have to be followed. The principles of EGO can be distinguished as being both management and performance related. Management-related principles are connected to managerial matters such as setting environmental objectives and raising the environmental awareness of the staff. Performance/operation related principles characterise the performance of significant environmental aspects such as energy and waste. The handbook gives detailed information on these principles and elaboration for several sectors.

The handbook contains information gathered together on everything a SME has to know to implement environmental tips in a dynamic way inside the office.

The handbook contains many examples which count as good practice.