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GreenStar: Saving fuel and CO2 by improving driving behaviour

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GreenStar Statistics enables organisations to easily achieve significant savings on fuel and CO2 emissions. The solution provides continuous feedback to drivers via real-time alerting, gamification or training, resulting in structural improvement of driving behaviour.

GreenStar Statistics enables organisations to achieve savings on fuel and CO2 emissions of between 5% and 20%. Alert Logistiek, an Amsterdam-based SME in the logistics sector, achieved a fuel consumption reduction of 8%, which results in savings of approximately € 1000 per vehicle per year. In addition to that, there can be longer-term savings on maintenance and insurance costs.

In every vehicle an ‘EcoBox’ is installed, which collects data about the driving behaviour of the particular driver. The internal sensor measures for example the acceleration and braking speeds. As the EcoBox is connected to the car’s on-board computer, it can collect data on driving speeds, the gears used, the number of kilometres driven, as well as the exact fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The EcoBox provides real-time notifications in the vehicle to encourage economical driving, and for example gives warning lights when the driver accelerates too quickly.

An algorithm combines all data and calculates a grade for the driver’s behaviour. The data and grades from all vehicles are saved in a central system, which enables to create various reports on for example average fuel consumption and possible fuel, CO2 and money savings, but also on which drivers have the most or least efficient driving behaviour. In addition, the system can create personalised reports for every driver, giving information on their driving behaviour grade, the fuel costs per kilometre, comparisons to colleagues, and suggestions to improve their driving style. Based on these reports, tailored training can be provided to the drivers with very specific feedback, tips and suggestions.

The solution by GreenStar Statistics can be built into all types of vehicles, from personal vehicles to vans and trucks, from all manufacturers. In addition to companies in the logistics sector, the use of the EcoBox can be beneficial in other sectors where company vehicles drive considerable distances, such as the taxi sector.

Operating costs

The costs of an EcoBox are a one-off € 150, followed by monthly costs of € 17,50. If a vehicle drives an average of 25,000 kilometers annually, the EcoBox has paid for itself within a year. There is also a lease option for the EcoBox. In that case, there are no purchase costs. The longer the lease term and the larger the number of vehicles, the lower the price is: down to only € 12,50 per vehicle per month.


In the short-term, the feedback given to the driver by the eco-box results in fuel savings of at least 5%. In the longer term, the continuous flow of information provided by the eco-box is a good starting point for additional training courses, that improve the driving behaviour even more. In the end, improved driving behaviour does not only result in reduced fuel consumption, but also in reduced costs for insurance and maintenance, since the improved driving style will result in fewer damage incidents and reduced wear on the vehicles.

By reducing fuel, also the CO2 emissions are reduced. This contributes to internal targets for a sustainable responsible business, and may be ranked higher in systems such as the ‘CO2 Performance Ladder’.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Low capital intensive investment (i.e. €500 - €3,000)
Operating and maintenance costs: 
Yes, low O&M costs
Energy consumption description: 
5 - 20% savings on fuel
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

The EcoBox is suitable for every vehicle that has been built after 1996. Possibly, the EcoBox does not fit exactly in the car. In that case possibly specific mounting is necessary, or an extension cord.