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Hair salon greens their operations

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Family run salon, Elan Hair Design, has undergone a green refurbishment programme to install renewable energy, increase recycling and source products from sustainable sources.

We found that the most significant solution was replacing our lights with LEDs and installing 16 PV solar panels. As a result of that change we reduced our energy bills from £6100 (€7618) to £797 (€995).

Elan is the first UK hair salon to compost hair waste, recycle aluminium foils and install zero carbon furniture. Customers' hair clippings and other biodegradable waste are sent to be used as compost on local farmer's fields, meaning less waste is sent to landfill.

We try to make sure that all of our products are recyclable, such as the bottles and packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials. We switched our waste collection company so that we could better dispose of all paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and batteries.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
High capital intensive investment (i.e. above €30,000)
Operating and maintenance costs: 
No O&M costs
Energy consumption description: 
90% reduction in energy use
Water consumption savings description: 
84% reduction in water use
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

Through the process we have started to understand more about how to measure and quantify our environmental impact.