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HOE360 Consulting

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HOE360 Consulting’s primary work is within sustainable and green mobility and urban planning with a strong focus and understanding on cycling, pedestrians, and public transport, and the combination of those modes. We specialize in providing useful and value-added advice, that lift projects from their idea phase to the development of solutions. HOE360 Consulting holds a strong track record for its ability to implement solutions, thus benefiting the people who live in and use cities. HOE360 Consulting deliver innovative project solutions. Always thinking ahead and continuously trying to raise the bar for urban mobility and living. HOE360 Consulting have made several notable, both temporary and permanent concept and design developments. We work from the standpoint that a good city is a city that provides for its citizens by making it a liveable and joyful place. Successful bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure plays a significant role in obtaining just that. Put simply, we combine elements to create high quality cities with great liveability.

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Ruldolph Berghs Gade 43
2100 Copenhagen
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