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How a Danish hotel stays cool and saves money using ClimateCooler roof coating paint by Iso Paint Nordic

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ClimateCooler is an innovative and environmentally friendly roof coating paint that can help your company save money

ISO Paint Nordic A/S is a Danish SME specialist in the sector of manufacturing and developing roof coatings, façade paints and other techniques to avoid leakages of building surfaces.

Description of the process

Among the Climate Cooler products that Iso Paint offers, the Uni Primer is based on thermo-stabilizing binding polymers with excellent adhesion, UV stabilizers, and the latest generation of special insulating ceramic beads used in the aerospace industry for heat-proof and insulating coatings. Iso Paint Nordic has succeeded in transferring this fully developed technology to the Uni Primer.

Use of these insulating ceramic pigments means that this type of insulating paint can only be produced as a grey-white coating. However, the unique combination of these insulating ceramic pigments with the thermostable special UV and IR reflecting pigments of Uni Topcoat paves the way for creating an optimal ClimateCooler system that will keep roof surface temperatures cool.

The Clarion Hotel in Copenhagen (Denmark) has experienced for themselves the potential of the roof coating paintings (Uni Primer) developed and manufactured by Iso Paint Nordic for saving energy.


Roof constructions and attics will be kept significantly cooler compared to traditional painted/unpainted roof coverings. The Uni Primer/UNI Topcoat ClimateCooler system can reflect up to 80% of solar radiation. That means less heat build-up and less need for energy to air-conditioning. This delivers a final benefit of  lower electricity bills, lower CO2 emissions and helps combat  global warming.  

After coating the hotel with ClimateCooler, energy used on air condition/cooling decreased dramatically. It was only the surface around the Air Condition, on top of the roof, which was coated with ClimateCooler, but the results have been remarkable, since the Clarion Hotel experienced annual saving of 40 - 50000 kWh in a year.
Besides energy savings, the indoor climate is improved as well (4 – 10 degrees cooler), which is appreciated by the guests at the hotel.


Iso Paint is a member of State of Green (, which is a Danish gateway to solutions and to green policies conceived by Danish businesses. The participation in this business network can be considered as an enabler to the business of Iso Nordic Paint since it is possible to directly receive information on the solution at this link, as well as about the business at the page

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Low capital intensive investment (i.e. €500 - €3,000)
Operating and maintenance costs: 
Yes, low O&M costs
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

Clean the roof for dirt and old paint. Growth such as algae and moss is removed with ISO A-Clean prior to application of ClimateCooler Uni Primer.
The Uni Primer may be diluted with up to 10% water before use. Apply the paint with brush, roller or spray-gun.
Spreading rate: approximately 3,5 m2/l.
It is recommended to maintain the newly painted roof with a treatment of Iso A-Clean approx every 2 years to keep a nice and clean surface.