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Never run out of battery again with Clicc micro solar chargers

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Berlin-based Sonnenrepublik invented the innovative Clicc solar system which consists of a small solar panel that fits basic devices and is available in many colours. It's a solar emergency power bank to take wherever you go.

Who is not familiar with this problem – sooner or later the battery of a mobile phone, iPod or MP3 player runs dry unexpectedly. No big deal at home, but being on a trip or at a business meeting makes this inconvenient as there may be no electrical sockets to hand.

For Sonnenrepublik, this raised the question of how generate energy on the go for small mobile devices. This was the challenge and motivation for the physicist Oliver Lang and the sailor and merchant Andreas Guba to develop Clicc: a flexible and portable solar kit compatible with common mobile gadgets.

Founded in 2012, start-up Sonnenrepublik GmbH produces the world’s smallest solar panel and charger system, Clicc, which has been on sale since since June 2013 and is manufactured in Berlin.The Clicc solar system is modular and can be adapted into any size, shape and colour by simply sticking together the different Clicc modules.

Clicc products are significantly more powerful than competing micro solar products, are of higher quality, are more light-weight, are easy to use, inexpensive, and can fit in any pocket. Through the innovative modularity, they are more versatile than other products on the market and finally allow solar energy to be usable with small devices.

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