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New energy efficiency through LED lighting from Minimal Energy

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A debt-free alternative to many other energy efficiency schemes for SMEs.

Lighting accounts for over 40% of energy consumption in many energy intensive companies. So reducing lighting costs can unlock big profits. But upgrading to the latest energy efficient lighting requires a big capital outlay that most business either don't have or choose to invest elsewhere. Reasoning Minimal Energy was founded on the belief that energy conservation is just as important as energy generation. We want Minimal Energy to be a catalyst for transforming the UK's energy use profile by giving everyone access to basic energy savings.

We buy the latest LED lighting equipment for our clients, and they only start paying us back when they start saving money. It's all 'off balance sheet' which means Minimal Energy clients make pure bottom line savings right from day one, without the risk. More info about the process are available here.

Benefits achievable since day 1 through Minimal Energy include:
i) No upfront and maintenance costs.
ii) 21% corporation tax break in UK through the Department for Energy and Climate Change's ECA scheme.
iii) Reduction of your energy consumption and cuts in carbon emissions.
iv) Considerate installation times to ensure minimal impact on business operations.
v) Real-time monitoring For example, We have reduced their lighting bills by a massive 85%, with projected 10-year savings of well over £600,000 for PJG Logistics Ltd.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Low capital intensive investment (i.e. €500 - €3,000)
Emission reductions description: 
Yes, but not assessed
Operating and maintenance costs: 
Yes, low O&M costs
Energy consumption description: 
75% of energy bills
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

None, simply set a free energy audit with Minimal Energy.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

If applying for schemes, there may be some prerequisites and constraints