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New heat controls

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The Forge, a health clinic based in London, worked with the local council to introduce a new heating control system that has saved them money.

The Forge Clinic is a local healthy provider based in the London borough of Richmond which offers a range of treatments and therapies and has been in operation since 1992.

Since The Forge Clinic benefited from the Greening Business programme, an initiative run by the local council, it has moved from recycling no waste to recycling 95% of it, saving £400 a year in the process. Heating controls have also been changed, saving £250 a year, and a proper environmental policy has made sure all that all of the clinic’s providers are eco compliant. The clinic is also planning a lighting upgrade that will save £1,500 a year on electricity and the owners are looking in the long term to replace the boiler to save a further £1,000 a year.

Jerome Boisard, Co owner of The Forge Clinic, said, "As a small business I really appreciated the help Greening Business has offered me in terms of sustainability. It was all very straightforward starting with an assessment of the existing situation that led to a range of options covering energy use, lighting and waste. We are in the middle of the process but we can already see results. It has been very valuable and helped us take a step back to look ahead at solutions”.

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Saving Euros 307 (GBP 250/year) in energy costs