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New website showcases best green and ethical merchants for the eco & social conscious consumer

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New website showcases best green and ethical merchants for the eco & social conscious consumer

Hi Everyone,

The Ethical Buyer was born in mid 2016. It is the project of a small group of close friends, social, environment and animal welfare activists, with individual narratives, but similar values. We all care strongly and share a deep respect for life in all it's wonderful variations. We see the beauty in diversity of color, race and culture, and believe that every creature, man and animal, is entitled to a healthy, pain-free, sustainable life. We see all of god's creatures equally as deserving of the abundance around us, and how ever so often those resources are controlled by a powerful few.

We look around us and see mistreatment and abuse of the weak and unfortunate, with harsh labor conditions and under-paid jobs that can't put food on families tables. We see suffering, terrified farm animals treated like some object on a fast production line, tortured horribly their short lived and miserable existence. We look around and see a planet turned into a mass dump of toxic wastes and pollutants, and robbed of all its natural treasures. Our eyes are wide open with concern, and we say "Enough!".

That is how The Ethical Buyer was conceived... We gathered and came up with what we thought would be a good way to make a difference, a positive change, on a wider scale, by answering to 2 crucial needs:

1) Actively spreading awareness (to all of the above).
2) Promoting and supporting the "good doers" - Businesses and practices that share our values and abide by them.

We Showcase online stores and businesses who have taken the high road, and that apply one or more of the following standards:
Green and eco friendly, cruelty free and vegan, fair trade, All natural and organic, and good cause (giving back) practices and products.

We try to keep things simple and practical. We think of ourselves as an informative stepping stone, not an encyclopedia. Neither are we an e- commerce store, saturated with thousands of products, categories, prices and search variables. We believe in quality over quantity, and want our guest's visit to be fruitful and pleasant. So our listings are short and to the point.The website is dynamic, meaning we only showcase the best customer reviewed and ethical businesses, so change of listing can be expected.

On the same note, we are always on the search for new additions and categories in our strive to become a 'one stop shop' for every ethical purchasing need, so we welcome comments, suggestions and of course - reviews.

We invite you to come in, try us out, and after you do please give us your feedback...

Click here to go to The Ethical Buyer

Guy & The Ethical Buyer team