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Noorden Duurzaam

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General regional association for sustainable development. Members are government agencies, NGO's, businesses (all sizes), NGO's, education, health care, sports, culture, and citizens. Mission: to be an infrastructure for large scale (market wide, society wide) cooperation on transition projects for sustainability. The primary process has two stages: 1) members join permanent peer tables. There are four types of tables, increasing in integrality: themes, sectors, product chains and area, 2) tables exchange views on a) sustainability issues prioritised by table members, b) projects to address the issues, and c) trend indicators to measure progress. Table are facilitated and use association services for communication and administration.

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The North of the Netherlands: the provinces Fryslân, Groningen and Drenthe
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Leonard Springerlaan 15
NL-9727 KB Groningen , Groningen
Groningen NL