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Panobloc: Low-energy construction systems for buildings

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French construction firm Techniwood has produced the innovative new 'Panobloc' prefabricated, industrial composite construction system for new and renovated buildings.

Techniwood’s Panobloc system represents a new generation of CLTi (Cross Laminated Timber & Insulation) wood panelling which can combine a wide range of insulation materials (wood, glass or rock wool) within the same energy saving panel.

Panobloc can be used in structural walls, curtain walls on structure concrete, metal or wood, floor-ceiling and roof panels, and is available in dimensions from 6 to 60 cm thick and up to 30 m ² (8.5 m x 3.5 m in length and width). Panobloc meets the insulation needs of all types of buildings, from new build renovation, collective housing, and even tertiary or industrial buildings. 

In terms of its environmental benefits, Panobloc offers a consistent 30% improvement in thermal performance over conventional panelling, and is bio sourced with a negative carbon footprint. Panobloc also uses environmentally friendly glues that reduce emissions of Organic Volatile compounds, and is compatible with use of environmentally friendly or recycled insulation materials including cellulose, recycled PET bottle material, and many others. 

During production, Panobloc requires less energy input than many other construction materials like concrete and produces less waste. Since construction is 50% faster than conventional materials, Panobloc also reduces emissions and man-hours onsite, and is superior to both normal wood construction and concrete building techniques. Further, the eventual disposal of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) like Panobloc in 100 years is made easy and environmentally friendly due to the use of non-hazardous materials.

Panobloc is the only industrial construction system on the market offering a guaranteed energy performance improvement along with quick and easy installation, even without specific on-site skills. Panobloc is the sustainable prefabricated solution for both renovated and new buildings.

In 2013, Techniwood won 7 awards including the Gold Innovation trophy BATIMAT, and Panobloc is one of only 3 wood products in Europe to be certified Minergie (P ECO), the highest standard for low energy consumption materials, guaranteeing the product meets the requirements for comfort, energy efficiency, respect for the environment, respect for the health (noise, hygiene indoor, air quality, thermal comfort) and optimal conservation value. 

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Emission reductions description: 
Varies country to country, but we expect a saving of 6.7 kteqCO2/y per plant. This should be multiplied by the 100 years lifetime of Panobloc.
Energy consumption description: 
30% energy savings due to insulation efficiency. Total benefit has been estimated at 31 GWh/y with three factories in production.
Water consumption savings description: 
Panobloc has very low water consumption, 0,24 m3/m2; much lower than concrete.
Material consumption savings description: 
48% reduction in wood consumption compared to existing CLT (Cross Laminated Timber). This is a saving of 21 000 tons/y.
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

Minimal, Panobloc is much easier to implement than comparable materials.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

Panobloc is already Technical Assessment (TA) certified in France and Techniwood has launched other certifications in target countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the UK.