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LED plant growth lights for use in horticultural research and commercial food production have been gaining traction in the industry for some time. The clear benefits from using these lights has become recognised across the sector and gained real momentum in 2014. With some significant installations now demonstrating clear proof of the advantages of using LED for plant growth purposes, the way is clear for a major expansion in this industry.

PhytoLux is at the forefront of this work, having taken a unique engineering approach to the design and development of the PhytoLux Attis range of LED plant growth lights.

This has resulted in the development and production of a generic LED solution to provide a successful growth light for a wide variety of plant and crop species. The PhytoLux Attis range controls lighting levels and supplements or replaces low ambient light. It is unique in the way it disperses light into the crop, emitting a high level of light which is comparable to that of a 400W and 600W SON-T.

With its unique passive cooling system, which results in low-energy consumption (up to 60% less than SON-T lamps), it provides a commercially viable solution for UK growers.

Working with over 40 UK universities, research institutions and commercial growers, PhytoLux has demonstrated that the high quality, low energy range of Attis LED growth lights provides a good alternative to conventional plant growth lighting.

PhytoLux provides a comprehensive programme of knowledge transfer within the industry to ensure that the users of our lights understand the optimum processes for growing using this new technology. Backed by a healthy investment fund, PhytoLux has been able to provide a solution that is commercially viable, affording real profit opportunities to the organisations we are working with.

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