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Ser Energy Mobile Hybrid Power

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Ser Energy have developed a new green power generator technology based on fuel cell and lithium battery technology.

The aim of this solution is to use fuel cell and lithium technology to develop a new green power generator which will replace traditional fossil fuelled industrial generators. Using these two alternative technologies, the new system has a high energy efficiency and low fuel costs. The system also has a long operational time, based partly on the technology whereby drainage of the battery is not hugely important as the fuel cell can kick in to charge the battery pack. Charging can also be achieved through the mains if required.

The unit can produced 230V/50Hz and 24V simultaneously. Charging can be undertaken via the mains, the fuel cell and also while driving. To alleviate user anxiety, there is a full overview of the energy consumption, remaining operation and charging time.

Serenergy’s distributed power generation provides clean and high efficient energy right at the point of use.

Serenergy’s Telecom Power system offers an excellent alternative to batteries and diesel generators and is setting new standards to the telecom industry.

Serenergy designs fully integrated transport solutions which drives extensively longer than a regular electric vehicle by help of a built-in fuel cell performing as a range extender.



The solution benefits the environment by using fuel cells and lithium technologies which are a green power solution compared with the traditional fossil fuel technologies that have been shown to be harmful to the environment.  Methanol itself is not a sustainable fuel; however, it can be a sustainable fuel if it is produced from biomass resources. Bio methanol/green methanol is methanol produced from biomass or the biodegradable element of waste. It is thus CO2 neutral, as the CO2 discharged from the fuel cell does not have a negative impact on the climate balance. By replacing fossil fuels with green methanol, we are also taking a step forward in solving the environmental issues. Methanol used in fuel cells is highly efficient and in many cases, it make twice as good use of energy as a combustion engine. Serenergy fuel cells have an efficiency of +45 %, whereas a combustion engine has an efficiency of 25-30 %.

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