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Solease: hassle-free lease of solar panels

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Solease specialises in the lease of solar panels to private homeowners. You pay a fixed monthly fee, and from day one it is cheaper than your current electricity bill. So, no long payback periods and no need to worry about monitoring, maintenance, and repairs.

There are three key reasons why most people do not yet have rooftop solar panels:

  • Investments: The average price of rooftop solar panels runs into the thousands of euros. By leasing solar panels, you generate your own electricity for a small monthly fee, without having to invest upfront. The savings on the total electricity costs amount to up to 15%.
  • Hassle: It is a lot of hassle to find the right solar panels, to find out how many fit on the roof, and which installation companies are reliable. In addition, it may be a hassle to sort out the costs of the solar system, and how much electricity will be generated. As Solease itself invests in the solar panels and becomes the owner, we truly deliver A-quality panels and maintenance services.
  • Risks: Solease ensures a well-functioning system, or the customer will be fully reimbursed. We therefore proactively monitor whether the system is running as expected, and otherwise it will be repaired free of charge. Solease also takes care of the insurance of the systems.

We also offer the possibility to transfer the solar system to the new home owner in case the customer moves house (house removal system), as well as possibilities to purchase the system (purchase service), to replace it by the latest technology (trade-in service) or to have the system removed from the roof, for whatever reason (return service). We have calculated that for people who are saving up to purchase a solar system in a year, it is often more beneficial to lease the system for the first year, and purchase it from Solease afterwards.

To clarify: an ‘average’ rooftop solar system means the installation of 12 solar panels, which generates sufficient electricity for the energy use of nearly two persons. Installing more panels is relatively cheaper, but often the rooftop space is limited. The purchase price of a system of 12 high quality solar panels would amount to about 5,000 euros. The lease price at Solease would be approximately 50 euros a month. Of course, this figure does not only include the purchase price, but also installation, monitoring, repairs and insurance. As a result of the rooftop solar system, the monthly electricity bill will fall by 58 euros. Therefore, self-generated, truly ‘green’, power will lead to 96 euros (12 x €8) of savings in the first year alone! In recent years, we have experienced that the utility electricity prices and associated tax rates have risen much more than the general price index, so the benefits will increase over time. Plus the icing on the cake: in terms of CO2 emission reductions, a rooftop solar system is equivalent to planting 154 trees!

Solease is supported by the European Commission through Unfortunately, it is expected that the Netherlands will not achieve its sustainability goals (including 14% renewable energy by 2020), and possibly plans to increase the electricity prices in order to generate funding for new investments in e.g. wind parks. The Solease initiative does not use subsidies and is cost-neutral for the government, while it is financially lucrative for the customers. There are still many empty roofs in the Netherlands, so there is a lot of work to do. With our concept, we remove all barriers and make solar energy accessible for everyone!

Further details

Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Medium to low capital intensive investment (i.e. €3,000 -€10,000)
Operating and maintenance costs description: 
An average system (12 solar panels) is being leased for 50 euros a month.
Operating and maintenance costs: 
Yes, low O&M costs
Emission reductions description: 
In terms of CO2 emission reductions, an average system (12 solar panels) is equivalent to planting 154 trees.