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StoreFloor: An insulation innovation from LoftZone

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StoreFloor is an innovation by LoftZone which offers a solution for households and home-based business to insulate their lofts whilst still using the space for storage.

StoreFloor was invented, EU patented and commercialised by LoftZone and is currently available for installation over the UK at affordable prices. StoreFloor is a product from LoftZone, a new British company creating innovative products for lofts insulation which help the environment, save people money and offer house improvements. 


The project came out of research from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and was supported by the Carbon Trust and the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS). It is a solution for combating fuel inefficiency in the UK, which is amongst the highest in Europe and a main contributor to fuel poverty. Approximately 25 per cent of heat escapes through the roof which makes loft insulation a necessity. However many consumers are reluctant to take up offers and discounts for insulation because they use their lofts for storage and do not wish to sort out or move their belongings. Those who do take it up often place storage on top of the insulation which reduces its effectiveness by up to 60 per cent and it has consequently been shown that this happens in 82 per cent of households. When the insulation is compressed from 270mm (manufacture recommended) to 100mm it reduces its thermal resistance from 6.11 m2.K/W to 3.09 m2.K/W. Furthermore, without adequate flooring, loft space can become a hazard to home-owners as it is not suitable for walking on and consequently becomes a waste of valuable space.

Innovation of StoreFloor

StoreFloor is a green solution which puts a raised floor over the insulation making it a useful home improvement whilst protecting the insulation from compression. 25 per cent of heat otherwise lost through the roof is consequently saved with approximate savings of £250 (344 Euro) for energy lost and £125 (172 Euro) from insulation not working (based on energy bills of £1000 per year).  If it is done at the same time as the loft insulation it takes only a fraction longer and can be implemented in a way which avoids residents having to find alternative space for their belongings. Moreover, spacing between joists in lofts varies considerably, making it impossible for a non-adjustable system to work safely. StoreFloor is adjustable, and therefore adaptable to StoreFloor is adaptable to all types of lofts whilst being extremely strong and lightweight. Loft insulation is cheap and effective only if used correctly which makes StoreFloor a well needed innovation which works for consumers and the environment. 


The innovation has been cleverly designed in a way that makes it suitable for households to install themselves if they already have insulation in place. It is safe and easy to use and requires no technical skills or building requirements. In fact in new homes, which are storage constrained, it can be used to meet new building regulations for safe access in lofts, without the thermal losses of timber. Energy companies already subsidise insulation and StoreFloor is available at affordable prices, making is a highly commendable product. LoftZone sells StoreFloor installation kits for under £100 (140 Euro), and are also working providing the service free of charge for low income households. In the past home-owners would have to decide between loft storage or loft insulation, StoreFloor provides a solution which is a win-win for the environment and consumers.


Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Low capital intensive investment (i.e. €500 - €3,000)
Cost savings description: 
25% reduction in energy bills through retained heat.
Operating and maintenance costs: 
No O&M costs
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

Self-installation kits available.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

The solution involves no constraints, is easy and safe to install and requires no up keep.