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Sustainability reporting for SMEs

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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for companies and organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to a sustainable global economy. Working with SMEs, the GRI have produced a booklet for small business owners and staff to help them undertake sustainability reporting.


This booklet is for SMEs that are considering whether sustainability reporting is relevant for them and if so, how to start the reporting process. It provides a simple introduction to sustainability reporting using the GRI G4 Guidelines so that your company can take the first steps in its sustainability reporting journey.

This will be done by:

• Making the case for sustainability reporting for SMEs: Section A looks at the internal and external benefits of sustainability reporting based on the experiences and testimonies of SMEs that GRI has engaged with in a number of projects since 2008.

• Introducing five easy steps to preparing a sustainability report using the G4 Guidelines: Section B details the steps for creating a GRI sustainability report using the five phase GRI model for a sustainability reporting process: Prepare, Connect, Define, Monitor and Report.

You can download the full booklet here.