Connecting SMEs for a green economy


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On April 20th at 14:00 BST, the GreenEcoNet team is organising a

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The GreenEcoNet team is proud to present the 5the and final policy brief in our series, entitled 'Private Climate Finance Mechanisms for SMEs'.

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- What are the finance mechanisms for green SMEs operating in the European Union?
- What are the challenges for SMEs to apply for these innovative finance sources?
- What role can the GreenEcoNet platform play in supporting SMEs interested in these innovative finance mechanisms?

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The Enterprise Europe Network have helped produce a useful guide to doing business across the EU.

Renewable Energy Toolkit
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The toolkit provides market intelligence on the potential scale of the opportunities, including those for each onshore renewables technology, and highlights those most relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the supply chain.

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What does a company making fence posts in Kenya and a family run hair salon based in Scotland have in common? Apparently rather a lot...

Market mapping or system mapping
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Market or system mapping is an analysis tool to closely examine the characteristics of the markets into which, e.g., green business initiatives are deployed or diffused.

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