Connecting SMEs for a green economy


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The GreenEcoNet team is proud to present the 5the and final policy brief in our series, entitled 'Private Climate Finance Mechanisms for SMEs'.

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- What are the finance mechanisms for green SMEs operating in the European Union?
- What are the challenges for SMEs to apply for these innovative finance sources?
- What role can the GreenEcoNet platform play in supporting SMEs interested in these innovative finance mechanisms?

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Solease specialises in the lease of solar panels to private homeowners. You pay a fixed monthly fee, and from day one it is cheaper than your current electricity bill. So, no long payback periods and no need to worry about monitoring, maintenance, and repairs.

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Solease leases solar panels to private homeowners. In this way, you can generate your own green energy without high upfront costs, hassle and risks.

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This week the Green Economy Coalition brought together leaders from business, finance, civil society, UN, research and policy to discuss different dimensions of the green economy transition. It turned out that everyone was interested in small businesses...

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