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As recycling and reusing industrial textile waste is just as logical as recycling glass and plastic, Estonian textile manufacturer has developed a green solution by building a recycling factory.

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Bike Rescue is a York-based project which collects abandoned or donated bikes to repair them and obtain new bikes to sell to local business and non-business customers, such as students. Buying a Rescued Bike instead of a new bike, often shipped from outside EU, results in great carbon emission savings, as well as cost savings!

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Banka BioLoo Pvt Ltd, an Indian firm committed to improving environmental and social conditions, is working to eradicate the issue of open defecation. By providing eco-friendly and resource efficient bio-toilets (or bio-loos), the enterprise is helping meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDG-7).

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Helvert Metals in Rotterdam uses the Envirometer in order to gain insights in their environmental impact, and to work continuously on environmental savings and sustainability.

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A group of SMEs in the Twente region in the eastern Netherlands plans to develop the 'Dream House': the sustainable house of the future. The house, using innovative concepts with regard to for example energy and waste, should set an example for all houses in the region.

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A recent survey found 50% of SMEs hadn't heard of the circular economy and a quarter didn't understand the concept - but there are still plenty of reasons to be positive reports Erica Russell, Director of Insight and Sustainability at community SME support firm BSK–CiC, of the Guardian Sustainable Business network. 

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