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Towards sustainable events

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Yellow Events is a pioneer in the creation, organisation and coordination of events respectful of the environment and people. For this purpose, we are committed to an integrated environmental approach in our work methods, design and event projects.

We want to offer to our customers innovative events, created in true collaboration with them, matching their event objectives and future environmental challenges. In addition, the relationships of trust and long term both with our customers and with our event partners are for us an essential element in achieving qualitative, efficient and usable work. Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

# 1 Maintain and develop our tool (including the barometer), taking into account the environmental impacts from the design event and its various components.
# 2 Eco-design our events.
# 3 Encourage a proactive management of waste.
# 4 Encourage clients to adopt more ecological transport solutions (carpooling or public transportation), and optimise our business travel.
# 5 Favour partners engaged in a similar approach to ours.
# 6 Make sure to register process on the whole of continuous improvement on environmental challenges and taking into account the ongoing evolution of Yellow Events.
# 7 Have a continued attention to preventive safety, health, and pollution that can be caused by our activities.
# 8 Respect the current laws. Conscious of our social and environmental responsibility as event agency, we have a commitment to integrate into our professional practice a special care to reduce our impacts at our events. In addition to environmental aspects, our thoughts are also based on social and cultural criteria.

Our operational environmental management system is the result of a continuous improvement process that started in 2007. That year, Yellow Events in partnership with the eco-responsible communication agency Yuluka created "Trees Responsible Events", a unique concept of events where we systematised our responsible environmental and social approach by implementing a check list of 160 items. In 2008, in cooperation with WWF, we adopted an ecological footprint calculator for our events to reconcile professional events communication with the principles of sustainable development. In 2009 we incorporated the “Bilan Carbone ®” method in our approach. Fabien Ledecq, co-founder of the team, studied the method via the ADEME in Paris and obtained the license. In 2010, Pierre Lebrun, founder of Yellow Events was involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) via the CCI of Brabant and followed the QUADRANT training. In 2011, willing to push further its sustainable approach, the team developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the ISO 14001 and the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) standards. In 2012, we embarked on the process of certification of the EMS. We obtained the ISO 14001 certification in February 2013 and the EMAS certification in July 2013. This rewards the entire team’s involvement in the continuous improvement of our Environmental System. The result of these certifications follows a validated environmental statement and policy:

Within the EMS (Environmental Management System), we use a barometer to measure our environmental impact. This tool is easy to understand as it classifies events from A (poor environmental impact) to G (high environmental impact). This index is calculated from an excel sheet with different items: catering, transport, energy, equipment, social, waste, risks, activity.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Medium capital intensive investment (i.e. €10,000-€30,000)
Operating and maintenance costs description: 
Audit: around EUR 2.000 - Personnel: 1/3 of a full time
Operating and maintenance costs: 
Yes, low O&M costs
Energy consumption description: 
Removing of oil tank: about 9.000 MWh
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

7 full time employees