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uBin - The recycled waste bin

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uBin is the first recycling bin to be made entirely out of post-consumer recycled plastic. Once you hear about this innovation it is difficult to understand why it wasn't done before - it is obvious that recycling bins should themselves be made from recycled material.

Since 2012, uBin's SME producer - Green Warehouse - has made a quantifiable impact on the environment through production of over 5000 bins from 15 tonnes of post-consumer plastic. This is plastic entering the sustainable cycle which would have otherwise have gone to landfill.

The uBin has been designed using polypropylene using WRAP colours and graphics, thus promoting, encouraging and unifying recycling standards in the UK. The product is made in the UK from domestic waste material, benefitting the UK's circular economy, and reducing waste exported while providing income to UK manufacturers. Green Warehouse is itself based in Bristol, and creates jobs in the area as well as supporting other local businesses.

The uBin has long-term environmental benefit too as it contributes to a sustainable cycle and thus reduces the dependency on oil resources, which are exhaustible and harmful to the environment.

Other organisations and communities can benefit by using the uBin in a number of ways. The product actively encourages the consumer to recycle their own waste, and also enables them to learn the WRAP standardization used in other recycling products. It may spark ideas in the ways they themselves can make products from recycled material and how they can implement a sustainable recycling system in their work place.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Capital-free investment (i.e. almost no costs)
Capital costs description: 
The uBin range costs from £42-56 (58-77 euros)
Operating and maintenance costs: 
No O&M costs