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Ultra efficient pool pump

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EcoPump manufactures leading-edge swimming pool equipment that makes your pool efficient, safe, and easy to maintain.

EcoPump is a whole new kind of pool pump – it’s the world’s first pool pump to give more and take less. EcoPump runs on just 1/3 kW while starting at less than EUR 500. The result is the highest return on investment (ROI) of any pool pump.

Cutting-edge condensors store electrons in dielectrics until the power is called upon. Then when the motor rotates in the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting this energy transferred to the impeller. EcoBoost delivers huge savings. Up to 85% over traditional pool pumps. EcoPump is so affordable to operate, you could run it 24/7 for the purest, most crystal clear water possible.

Further details

Would you characterize the green solution as: 
Low capital intensive investment (i.e. €500 - €3,000)
Energy consumption description: 
35% energy reduction guaranteed
Water consumption savings description: 
50% water consumption reduction guaranteed
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

A qualified installer will install the pump for you, after which it requires very little technical expertise.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

None required.