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Velogistics: a free cargo bike sharing website

Terri Kafyeke's picture allows users to reduce costs and avoid emissions by renting a cargo bike. This is particularly interesting for small businesses who only occasionally need a cargo bike and cannot afford to purchase one. On the other hand, cargo bike owners can use the platform to find clients to rent their bike to. All conditions can be defined by the user, and the service is free of charge. can be used in English, German and French. The website is easy to use and free of charge. It enables user to find cargo bikes for rent (sometimes for free) in their area and contact the owners directly. Users do not need to register in order to contact cargo bike owners.

The homepage consists of a map of Europe, with pins indicating the location of cargo bikes for rent. There are hundreds of bikes on the website, mainly in western and central Europe. The pins have different colors, which represent different types of cargo bikes.

Users may refine their search by zooming on the map, or by entering the name of a city in the search bar.

Users then have access to different bikes in their area. They see short summary fact sheets including a picture and information such as the maximum load capacity, phone number of the bike owner and conditions of use.

They may then click on “more information” to obtain more details, in addition to a more detailed map of the cargo bike location.

Users can then contact the cargo bike owner via the website or using any provided contact information (e.g. phone number).


Additional features

  • Comments and ratings (for registred users only)
  • The option to create a profile page to “gain trust” on the website. Each profile page has a unique code which can be shared, so a potential lender can get information about the user. This is interesting for people planning to use this service on a regular basis. is a very useful service and perfectly suited for small businesses who only occasionally need a cargo bike (e.g. for deliveries). The use of a bike prevents emissions from transportation, and the fact that the bike is rented reduces costs for the small business in addition to strengthening its ties with the community and promoting the idea of a sharing economy.

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