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Zero-emission furniture removal service

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Aad de Wit Verhuizingen offers zero-emission furniture moving services, by using electric moving trucks that are powered by renewable energy.

Aad de Wit Verhuizingen offers zero-emission furniture moving services. By using electric trucks, powered by wind and solar energy, no greenhouse gas emissions take place. Aad de Wit Verhuizingen, using the trademark ‘Verhuis Elektrisch’ (‘Electrical Moving’) is the first company in the sector that works effectively with electricity and without emissions.

Since 2008, Aad de Wit Verhuizingen offers the possibility of carbon-neutral relocation. This was initially carried out through compensation of the carbon footprint. A calculation was made of the environmental impact of the activities, which already comply with the European emission standards, and a compensation plan was created to make relocation carbon neutral. Carbon neutral relocation by carbon offset was widely followed in the moving sector, and nowadays it is even a norm of the ‘Erkende Verhuizers’ (Authorised Movers) quality mark. For that reason, Aad de Wit wanted to really stand out.

Since 90% of the actual CO2 emissions of the removal activities were caused by the vehicle fleet. Therefore, since October 2011 Aad de Wit offers carbon neutral relocations without compensation, by using electric trucks. In addition to the emission reductions, an additional advantage of using electric trucks, especially in urban areas, is that they are noiseless.

Now, two out of Aad de Wit’s five trucks are fully electric. The first one, AGV type E-TLG, has a battery of 120 kWh and an operating range of about 150 kilometres (93 miles). The truck can carry out removals in the Greater Amsterdam area. The second truck, from the Hytruck company, has a greater range of about 250 kilometres (155 miles), based on the larger battery of 200 kWh. For 9 out of 10 removals, this distance is sufficient. It is expected that the remaining traditional trucks can eventually be replaced by electric vehicles as well. The development of batteries and fuel cells moves so fast, so that within a couple of years clean trucks probably have a sufficient operating range for all removals.

In addition to the electric trucks, Aad de Wit also has electric vans, and the company’s managers use electric personal vehicles. The company is an example for the entire removal sector, whereby it is shown that removal services can be truly sustainable (and not just through carbon offsets).

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