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Zero energy water pumps

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PAPA Pumps produces zero energy pumps for a wide range of business and industry uses.

PAPA Pumps' zero energy pumps are a green, environmentally friendly way of pumping water that offer a power free alternative to the most common electrical pumps.

In the early 1990s, hydraulic engineer Philip Selwyn developed and updated the 200 year old French ram pump design to make them smaller and more resilient. His product - the pump activated pressure amplifier (PAPA) pump - has formed the core of the PAPA Pump business from 1997, when it was first set up, to the present day, which now sees over 1000 PAPA pumps in use worldwide.

The basic zero energy design pre-dates the modern concerns for the environment, but the improvement that PAPA pumps offer over conventional electric pumps make their green credentials obvious. Pumps of one kind or another are estimated to account for 20% of global electricity demand, meaning that the potential energy savings for business, industry and agriculture from replacing electric with PAPA are enormous.

PAPA pumps consume no energy as they are powered by the flow and fall of water from flowing source. In additional to the energy savings compared with conventional pumps they also require minimal maintenance and can form a core part of a renewable, circular economy. Their primary application is in agriculture and irrigation, but they have further applications to assist with urban flood prevention and assisting with water supplies in areas with irregular rainfall.

With a 15 year+ track record of producing a quality green product, PAPA pumps has been able to learn some important lessons along the way. Firstly, if you're producing a new green technology or solution don't just rely on patents as these are no real guarantee that you'll be able to keep control of your product and make your green business a success. Secondly, focus on what you do best - in PAPA pumps' case, producing innovative pumping solutions - and leave the rest to others. If you need to bring someone in to do PR or help clarify your strategic goals then fine, this is much better than taking your eye off your core business.

Further details

How was the green solution financed?: 
Technical and capacity requirements?: 

Minimal technical knowledge required to install, though consultation with local drainage companies may be required.

Regulatory framework prerequisites and constraints?: 

Extraction licence required before installation, obtainable from local environment agencies.